Papa Bear

We really do love our craft, and occasionally a job comes in that really provides us with the opportunity to exercise our skills to the full, providing huge satisfaction to us and our clients.

It was a quiet Saturday morning when I received an enquiry from a new client, Sam. It was obvious that he was being very diligent in deciding who he would commission to carry out the work on his beloved Papa Bear chair by Hans Wegner. The chair was purchased at auction in Denmark and was on its way to London.

It was great when we did get confirmation that we were to do the job. After some painstaking deliberation, Sam decided on a Bute tweed in vibrant orange to dress Papa Bear.

As we both had immediate travel plans there was a little delay in getting started which cranked up the anticipation. With much of the work requiring hand stitching, it wasn’t going to be rushed, but in the end I’d say it was well worth the wait. 

After delivery Sam sat for the first time on his newly restored Papa Bear and recounted that he had first fallen for this classic after a stay in a Shoreditch hotel, and then gone on the hunt to find one.

What a joy it has been to do this chair, and more so to see the obvious pleasure it has given Sam and his family.

  • Sam's chair before re-upholstery
  • The ripping down process
  • Very nearly finished
  • Every man needs a chair